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1) Be civil

This should go without saying, but treat your fellow players as you wish to be treated. Harassment will not be tolerated at all and will get you get you banned. No strikes or warnings will be given, you will be kicked out for harassment, end of discussion. No ifs, ands or buts.

i.) Don’t sass the mods (or other players)

Mods reserve the right to have the final say on anything and their authority is to be respected. Retornen is a mutual respect environment, and in the event that a player is disrespectful to another player or to the mods, they will receive a strike.

2) IC =/= OCC

Players are not their characters, and characters are not their players. Just ‘cause someone’s character is a jerk to yours does not mean that player is being a jerk to you.

i.) ICA = ICC

In-character actions have in-character consequences. If your character is being a dick to others, expect other characters to not like them that much, NPCs included.

3) Communication is key

Mods aren’t mind readers, so if anything is troubling you, don’t be afraid to talk to us or ask questions. The same should go for your fellow players as well.

4) No godmoding or infomodding

This means no controlling another player's character without first giving the player a chance to respond. No "Luffy punched Naruto in the face, breaking his nose in the process." unless you and Naruto's player planned it out beforehand. Characters should also not possess information that they have no reason know, such as villain’s plan to kidnap the princess.

5) No playercest

Retornen is a game that encourages playing with eachother, and the richest RP experience comes from having fun together. What fun is it to play with just yourself all the time, anyway?

6) Activity Check

At the (beginning? middle? end of?) month there will be an activity check. Activity check is passed by the following:

  • Two/three threads with at least ten comments by YOU in a post

Failing to to pass AC once will result in a strike, and you will be contacted by mods to discuss your activity. If we are unable to reach you within five days of the end of AC, you will be removed from the game. After receiving a strike, a second consecutive AC failure will result in your removal from the game.

7) Character limit

For now the character limit is three. You may app second or third characters once you have a character in the game who has passed at least one activity check.

8) Age & Adult content

You must be 13 and over to join this game. Anything veering towards not safe for work/NC-17 should fade to black and, if desired, continue to be played off-comm.

9) Regarding questions

Please read the FAQ before asking questions! You might find your answer there, and if not, feel free to ask the mods.


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